Hidraes, Ingenieros Consultores,we are a company dedicated for more than a decade to consulting Civil Engineering projects, providing services of Studies and Designs, Supervision and Project Development. Hidraes is of Spanish origin and over the years we have internationalized to Latin America with offices in Guatemala, Ecuador, Panama, among others, providing first world knowledge to provide high quality engineering solutions.

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  • Technical and field studies
  • Prefeasibility and feasibility studies
  • EPC control
  • Final Design
  • Work supervision
  • Due diligence for the purchase or valuation of hydroelectric or solar assets.

Specific Studies and Field Studies

  • Environmental impact studies
  • Topography
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics
  • Demand studies (Electrical and water)
  • Soil studies
  • Geographic information systems
  • Traffic studies
  • Bathymetry
  • Quality analysis of water.
  • Geology and Geotechnics
  • Study
  • Gauging campaigns

Development of Generation Projects

  • Location of hydroelectric or solar projects
  • Negotiation with land owners
  • Negotiation with financial entities PPA negotiation
  • Marketing Advice
  • Negotiation and selection of suppliers of electromechanical and other specific equipment
  • Concession procedures (licensing)
  • Reports about the regional market

Business lines


  • Our engineering service includes all stages for the development of energy generation projects including: identification of potential projects, prefeasibility and feasibility studies, final designs, construction designs, supervision or advice during the construction and commissioning of the project.
  • Likewise, as project developers, we manage the purchase of land, acquisition of licenses, registrations and other authorizations for the generation; and the social – environmental management of the project.


  • According to our experience Hidraes is a specialist in hydraulic works, among them is the development of projects of collection systems, regulation reservoirs, water treatment systems, conduction and distribution of drinking water, among others. For this, Hidraes has a team of specialists in various areas with more than 20 years of professional significance.


Within the infrastructure services, Hidraes is dedicated to the consulting of road projects at regional level, complying with the quality requirements imposed by local and international regulations. The services include technical studies, construction designs and supervision of road projects, for this we carry out topography, orthomosaic studies with drone, cartography and property management, hydrology and hydraulics, geology, geotechnics and seismic engineering, pavements, structures, environmental impact studies and the economic – financial analysis of the project, always using current technologies and methods.

Our clients

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